Tax Stamp System

Ensure the collection of correct excise tax

Working closely with the government, CAI-STA developed a state-of-the-art system composed of ordering, production, distribution and monitoring functionalities that will ensure the collection of correct excise taxes on cigarette products thereby increasing government revenues.


Fast & Easy User Enrollment

Handles the enrollment of all system users

Easy Access on Taxpayer’s Ledger

Fast & Easy Stamp Ordering

Facility for the online ordering of stamps by the Taxpayers

User-Friendly Authorization Management

Handle the online approval of requests such as User Enrollment, Stamp Order, and requests for Credit Back for defected stamps

Unique Identifier Code (UIC) Generation

Handles the generation of Unique Identifier Code (UIC) and creates a unique record of each stamp

Easy-to-Use Stamp Monitoring

Monitor the status or movement of stamps from personalization to removal from Taxpayer’s production area

Secure Mobile Verification

Verify the authenticity of the stamp based on the QR code data that the mobile device has captured

Easy-to-Use Reporting Tool

Have insights and data on Stamps Ordered vs. Released Report, Stamps Ordered vs Affixed vs Removed Report, and Stamps Ordered Report

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