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CAI-STA Philippines, Inc. (CAI-STA) is a joint venture between Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) and SoftTech Advantage, Inc. (STA).  CAI is a US Company that was founded in 1981 and currently has over 30 offices in eight (8) countries, employing more than 3,000 associates. CAI-STA was formed as CAI’s partner to provide quality Information Technology development and consulting services in 1998 and has since been servicing CAI clients from various types of industries, government and commercial sectors.  We are committed in helping private and public organizations drive value, improve productivity and enhance customer experience. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we not only have the technical expertise and tool-sets but also extensive knowledge of your business and industry.

Latest Insight

The Bot Bother
The Bot Bother: Thinking Rationally about Automation

Many organizations today think of themselves as late-comers to the automation party if they don’t already have a raft of bots working around the clock in the back office.Like in any new market, there is a time for stepping out and a time for holding back.

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Innovation: A Leap of Faith or Just a lot of Hard Work?

Every time I hear the word innovation nowadays, I exercise the deepest emotional eye roll and feel the distinct urge to run toward the closest proverbial cliff. Occasionally, I am pleasantly surprised, but most of the time, the eye roll and cliff-jumping are justified.

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AI is Everywhere
AI is Everywhere. Should You Give a $!@%?

Do you ever worry that someone – or some – is pulling the strings on the tech giants and investors today? Perhaps an intelligent machine engineering its own world domination? The money pouring into development of artificial intelligence might suggest such a plot.

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